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The Denison Fencing Club is part of the Midwest Fencing Conference. We are a co-ed club, welcoming all men and women. The club fences against Div I, Div II, and Div III varsity teams, as well as other club teams in the Midwest. That's right, we are the only sport at Denison to regularly compete against Div I varsity programs! We fence both team and individual tournaments, including NAC's and the USACFC National College Club Championships!

We practice in the multi-purpose room on the second floor in Mitchell three times a week.

We welcome beginners as well as experienced fencers. No equipment is necessary! We have everything you need!


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We Fence in the multipurpose room on the second floor of Mitchell.

Sundays: Sabre 4pm-5:30pm; Epee/Foil 5:30pm-7pm

Wednesdays: Epee 6:30pm-8pm; Foil/Sabre 8pm-9:30pm

Fridays: Foil 4:00pm-5:30pm; Epee/Sabre 5:30pm-7pm

*Plus additional squad practices on Mondays from 7pm-8:30pm for the traveling team

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