2018-2019 Big Red Fencing Tournament Schedule

9/30/18, OSU DUALS, Columbus, OH--TEAM

10/6-10/7/18, ROC, 13th Annual Fencers Attack Diabetes, Cleveland State--Individual

11/3/18, Case Western DUALS, Cleveland, OH--TEAMS--CSU, Bowling Green, Michigan, Toledo, Xavier, Oakland, Case

11/10/18, Indiana DUALS, Bloomington, IN--TEAMS--Purdue, Illinois, Indiana, MSU

12/14-12/17/18, North American Cup, Cincinnati, OH--Individual

1/27/19--DeCicco DUALS, Notre Dame, IN--TEAMS--Notre Dame, Florida, U of Chicago, Lawrence, Case Western, Michigan, MSU, Indiana, and Purdue

2/9/19--Wayne State DUALS, Detroit, MI--TEAMS--Toledo, Detroit Mercy, Michigan, MSU, Wayne State

2/23-2/24/19, Midwest Conference Fencing Championships, Columbus, OH--TEAM

 3/1-3/4/19—North American Cup, Cleveland, OH--Individual

4/6-4/7/19 USACFC College Club Nationals, Philadelphia, PA--TEAM