Midwest and USACFC National Championship Results

*2017-2018 Midwest Conference Season 

     Overall combined: 12 wins, 8 losses, 60% Victory Percentage

     Men's Team: 10 wins, 10 losses

     Women's Team: 11 wins, 9 losses

2018 Midwest Championships at OSU

     Men's Epee Squad, 13th place; Men's Foil Squad, 14th place, Men's Sabre Squad 10th place

     Men's Combined: 13th place out of 23 teams

     Women's Epee, 8th place; Women's Foil, 8th Place; Women's Sabre, 8th place

     Women's Combined: 8th place out of 23 teams 

     Overall Combined 11th place out of 23 teams

2018 USACFC College Club National Championships, April 2018,  in Knoxville, TN

     Men's Epee Squad: 16th; Men's Foil Squad: 22nd; Men's Sabre Squad: 28th

     Men's Combined: 24th out of 40 teams

     Women's Epee Squad: 23rd; Women's Foil Squad: 21st; Women's Sabre Squad: 21st

     Women's Combined: 22nd out of 34 teams

     Overall Combined: 23rd out of 40 teams

*2016-2017 Midwest Conference Season

     Men's Team: 7 wins, 9 losses, 44% Victory Percentage

     No Women's Team in 2016-2017

2017 Midwest Championships at OSU: 

     Men's Epee Squad, 17th place; Men's Foil Squad, 15th place; Men's Sabre Squad, 14th place 

     Men’s Combined: 17th out of 23 teams   
2017 USACFC College Club National Championships, April 2017 in Lansing, MI

     Men's Epee Squad: 29th; Men's Foil Squad: 25th; Men's Sabre Squad: 21st 

     Men's Combined: 26th out of 37 teams

     Overall Combined: 32nd out of 37 teams